A second year university project that extends knowledge and understanding of the UX Design process through the research, design, development and testing of a digital product or service.
​​​​​​​I was asked to develop a solution to a problem through the research, development and design of an interactive digital product or service, taking an empathetic human centric design approach to a stated problem.
The brief was to explore, research and develop an innovative and engaging way to meet like-minded people at University. I was encouraged to consider the context, human behaviour and the motivations of my identified users. The main aim of the brief was to design a dynamic digital product or campaign that imaginatively places users at the centre of the process.
I undertook vigourous research, visual and textual, into the significance of UX Design approaches to the design of everyday things and digital products, using appropriate user research methods, developed an understanding of digital platforms and utilise digital toolsets to prototype and test concepts.

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