What are the flowers talking about?

A 2nd year student of BA (Hons) Graphic Design looking to advance in my career. I am a susceptible worker with a good intuition and attention to detail who has experience working in a graphic studio. I have an excellent knowledge of typography and experience in preparing output for printing media.

Herbarium with language of flowers, temporary tattoos attached

​​​​​​​What is a language of flowers? An artistic, poetic, emotional communication through the use of flowers. I created a herbarium in which a metaphorical meaning of flowers can be found instead of their informational description.
For example, by giving someone an anemone, we tell them: You are the heaven I’ve lost.
All the flowers are hand-drawn with ink and then transferred to a special paper using a scanning and printing method to create temporary tattoos. A group of volunteers applied them and had a photographs taken. I used the photographs as final illustrations for my book.

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