A publication inspired by One Hundred Years of Solitude by G.G.MárquezInternational Society of Typographic Designers Student Assessment 2022 pass
One Hundred Years of Solitude is a masterpiece of magical realism written by Gabriel García Márquez. Chapters fourteen to sixteen introduce the part of the plot strongly inspired by a tragic event that happened near the Colombian city of Santa María in 1928 when hundreds to thousands of banana plantation workers were killed by the Colombian government during a strike for better working conditions.
The so-called Banana Massacre is certainly a crucial episode in both the book and Colombian history, and it deserves to be heard. In order to allow readers to live through this seemingly fictional, yet very real story, I created a typographical publication which consists of the culmination of the Banana Massacre plot, and is enriched by notes proposing the cultural and historical context to the story.

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