YCN brief asking to visualise the ideal bookstore, designed with customers in mind
Ever After is not a typical chain bookstore. It is a bookstore that promises happy tomorrows. Ever After is about cosiness and joy. It is about storytelling. For this reason, illustrative storytelling is an approach I chose to guide my audience through the brand.
‘Who said society does not read books anymore? We still love flipping through pages and enjoy happy endings. We love the smell of books because it gives us a feeling of peace and security. This is what our boostore is like: it inspires, brings people together, and it feels warm like a rainy afternoon spent with your favourite book.
Welcome to Ever After, a bookstore promising happy tomorrows. We see physical books as an important part of our happiness, both today and in the future, and we pass our vision on to our customers. We want to remind eah person that the book is an investment, and the process of purchase is an important ritual. The ritual of escaping from everyday worries, enrich with a unique experience. ’

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